“Be the Y for every X you make.” ~ NLR Jr.

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Neville Rankine Jr.

Company: United Eleague Federation
Industry: Professional Development
Clearance Level: G-14 Classified

Now Interviewing

Company: Leaders Are Born, LLC
Industry: Program Management
Clearance Level: Captain

Chris Santorelli

Company: Master Hand Gaming
Industry: eSports, Media & Production
Directorship Level: *Captain

Justin T. Manning & Simone Waugh

Company: MedalAddict Inc.
Industry: Media, Personality & Fitness
Directorship Level: Captain

Chris Gonsalves

Company: Community Gaming
Industry: eSports & Blockchain
Directorship Level: *Captain

Gerard "HipHopGamer" Williams

Company: Hot 97 / Gaming & Guidance
Industry: Media & Personality / Education
Directorship Level: Captain

Gabriel Marino-Ribotsky

Company: Exalt
Industry: eSports
Directorship Level: **Commander

Kirk "The Milk Man" Remekie

Company: Making it Look Kool, Apparel
Industry: Fashion & Apparel
Directorship Level: Captain

Nikiya Rodriguez

Company: NikiMarie Productions
Industry: Broadcast Media & Podcast Personality
Directorship Level: **Captain